I’ve seen everything that exists,
I’ve felt all feelings and played all tricks.
I’ve had a life that’s enough to be called, well lived,
And then I was so empty as I was left with nothing else to be ticked off the list.

I was ready to die, if death was wished upon me.
As I’ve had my share of what life could’ve given.
But then slowly the checklist started increasing,
From one thing a week, to each moment new items were adding.

I got busy again, exploring these new things.
Later when I noticed, it was you who was editing my lists.
Adding something new everyday for me to see,
Giving purpose to my life making myself to be loved by me.

You don’t take credits for all that you do for me,
Always replying with the same, “I didn’t do anything”.
Well if nothing is what you’ve done lately,
I’ll spend my life hoping for that something that we can be…