Arsh Writes

A little book of life

If you’re capable of smiling no one will bother whether you are good looking or not.



Bad times are good times to prepare you for better times.

Arsh (me)

A person good at heart who understands feelings, doesn’t talk about them; He shows them.

A little book of life

You will find life exactly as you take it, make it, live it and give it.


Death is not something we live to experience. We cannot loose what can’t be missed.

A little book of life

It is the little things in life that keep us from going crazy.


A strong man like a waterfall chanels his own path.

My mother

The more close you are to your home, the more good you are by the heart.

A little book of life

Never be dismissive of the young. Never be contemptuous of the old.

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